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We can't do it on our own. Learn how to hire, train and engage your team to maximize their full potential.  

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One fatal flaw in business is  misalignment between the team and the leadership of the organization. This leads to disengagement between the leadership and the team and poor productivity which affect the bottom line. 



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We are a team of established and respected professional coaches focused on helping you achieve your goals. Our promise to clients is to “unleash potential and deliver results”. We look forward to working with you.

More on Laurie

Laurie has been coaching business in Edmonton for over 14 years now and has gained a thorough understanding of the challenges that business owners face and understands the solutions to those challenges.

Things like poor cash flow, poor profits, disengaged employees and working too many hours are symptoms of problems. The cause is something else. The first thing Laurie does through asking better questions and digging deep is to gain an understanding of the cause. Much like a doctor, we are going to treat the cause.

“I know that can sound trite, but nothing makes me happier than the smiling face of one of my clients when they have a significant breakthrough, their stress level drops and start enjoying themselves.”

-Laurie McNaughton

As an Edmonton business coach, Laurie has worked with companies from a half million in revenue and just a few employees to thirty-six million and a significant workforce. As a business grows the complexity multiplies but in most cases the solutions are easy. Now I say easy but not simple.

Getting your team (employees) on board is critical to success. Team building, leadership training, and communication are mission critical if you want to have a business that profits even when you are on vacation.

On average clients of Laurie’s have seen a 55% increase in revenue, 52% increase in profits and maybe more exciting a 54% decrease in the number of hours they are working. Over 30 Million in increased revenue. 

Laurie is an expert in solving cash flow problems, poor profits, working too many hours and challenges with your employees.  

My Purpose:

To live life a life to it’s fullest and to understand and teach that true success in life comes in the service of others. Whether that is a fellow team member, customer, supplier, friends or family. True satisfaction comes from helping other become the person they dream of being. To push my boundaries and the boundaries of my clients. To Learn and live outside my comfort zone and challenge others to do the same so we can be our best. To risk all to gain all. To live in the spirit of gratitude and faith. Grateful for all the gifts I/We have been graced with and have the faith that even when it seems like things aren’t working to know that they are. “In the end, it always works out and if it hasn’t worked out, it is not the end.” To inconvenience myself and my clients for the greater good so I can fulfill my dreams and the dreams of my clients. To take ownership, accountability, and responsibility for my life and teach that our dreams are only met by truly owning them. To Live a Rich full life full of exceptional experiences. 

Leadership isn't just read about, it is something that has to be experienced. Strong leadership is truly key to the success of any organization. As a leader we shouldn't be looking for more followers, we should be looking for and developing more leaders. Watch the potential of your organization be released when your leaders enroll and inspire your team to reach their potential. 


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Long-term success doesn't happen by Chance. It is a process!




Leverage is described as "doing more with less." What if you could increase productivity by just 10%? What would that mean to your company? 


What makes you the provider of choice? Why should your customers pick you over all the other options including doing nothing?