Working with Laurie has helped me change my role in a growing company. He has helped me improve my leadership style and with his help, I have moved my thinking from start-up to CEO. I feel more confident in the direction of my company, and I have trust in my team of dynamic managers.

As a team, we are having fun working toward a common goal. We are aligned.

I have greater clarity around the purpose of my business and the way I want to work. I trust his approach and would recommend his services to others.

Alfred (Alf) Otto
Dynaline Industries Inc.

To whom it may concern: 

If you have ever had the feeling of being overwhelmed, confused and not sure which direction your business is going in, you need to speak to Laurie McNaughton with Action Coach. I have known Laurie for quite some time, but about 4 months ago, felt I was in that exact place. I knew our company could attain better revenues,  control our costs, and make more profit, but I just didn’t know how. I was going in all directions. With the help of Laurie’s one on one weekly coaching program, I was able to better direct my energy to where the company needed it most, and he has helped me focus the direction of the company. This fiscal year, we have increased our revenues by 36% and more importantly, as of 6 months ending May 30, profits are up 930%!!

Thanks Laurie for the help in steering the ship in the right direction!

Walter Heuvingh
Coffee News

Working with Laurie, has been the best business decision we have ever made! We are learning so much about how to not only run a successful business but also how to be successful people. Laurie is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and really cares about our business as well as us as people. We have made positive changes in both our business and personal life and are so excited about our future! We are finally working "on" our business instead of "in" it and are so happy with the difference it has made! Thank you Laurie for changing our lives! We cannot wait for tomorrow! 

Shelly and Kevin Barabash
Skyline Sign Service Ltd.

I have been working with Laurie since April 2011. When Laurie and I were introduced, my business was not doing as well as it had in the past – Revenues, Margins, and profits were all down from prior years.  Over the past nine months, I have gained a new level of clarity in my business, and Laurie has helped me to focus on the things that a business owner should be focusing on. I can say without a doubt that working with ActionCOACH has helped me identify areas in my business that are weaker than they should be – but the most important thing is that I am working on them all the time in an organized and accountable environment.The greatest benefit of working with Laurie to me and my business is that there is someone there to talk ideas through and work with to implement a plan to turn the ideas into reality.
By working with Laurie McNaughton, my business is more profitable today than it was at this time last year, my team is more focused on doing the things that will help drive profits, and my business is focused on always doing better for the staff that work, here and the customers that we come into contact with. I look forward to working with Laurie - this week, this month, this year and beyond. Thanks, Laurie!

Trevor Brown
Ideal Insulation and Roofing

I actually stumbled upon Laurie’s website while looking for some business solutions. I decided to give him a call to see how the program worked. Laurie explained the mechanics of the program and directed me to some other materials, which I extensively reviewed.  We had some concerns about the price of the program but knew that what we were doing was not working…so we took the plunge. We have been coached now for about 7 months and have had huge improvements. Before the coaching, we had very few systems in place, no policies, and not much of a culture. Our finances were not being tracked at all; really nothing was being tracked from a profitability standpoint.  We were taught quickly how to build a strong foundation for our business in order for us to grow. We now know how to create a flow in our business so that there is a lot less chaos and a lot more structure.  For me, it was all about getting the business to be more profitable with lot less of my time. Through working with our coach we have done that, I find myself having more time to pursue other interests and I’m enjoying an 80% increase in our NET profit.

Wade Graham
Grahams Car Wash

"WOWing" our customers is one of our Operating Values top priorities at Intuit Canada. But to do that we realized we needed to build an even stronger, more energized team. To do this we first met with and consulted with Laurie McNaughton and then hired him to deliver a Total Team Day: Team Building 

The day was highly interactive and the participants left with important insight and learning about themselves and how to work together as a stronger more cohesive team. Staff who participated in the Total Team Day rated the day very high on information, content, and fun. They also rated Laurie very high as a presenter. Our manager cannot overemphasize the importance of an effective team to the delivery of superior customer service. The Total Team dDay was a step toward raising that awareness. 

Any business that relies on highly energized teams to deliver front-line service to their customers could benefit from working with Laurie to deliver his Total Team Day: Team Building. The results will be self-aware individuals with tools they can use forever to continuously improve their Emotional IQ and their contribution to a highly functional team, which can truly WOW their customers. 

Elizabeth Rowe 

Direct Sales Manager 

Intuit Canada 

I first met Laurie McNaughton after meeting Brad Sugars and being immensely impressed.  I'd been shopping around for coaches and other sources of learning and in comparison...well, there was no comparison, ActionCOACH hands down had the most impressive business building strategy I'd ever seen, which remains true to this day.  It combines an incredible ability to simplify complex business issues into actionable steps for business owners, with an incredible depth of understanding around what it takes, the fundamentals for all businesses, to grow a small business in a way that can only come from having done it many, many times.  Other systems are hit and miss, they lack sequence, they focus on details that aren't important to all businesses at the expense of the essentials no one can do without.  But beyond just ActionCOACH, I met Laurie.  I was immediately impressed by two things: his attitude, and his attitude.  What do I mean by this?  All ActionCOACHes have the 'Action' system, that's critical, I wouldn't want to use most other coaches without such an impressive infrastructure and clear, predictable system for growing companies. 

But Laurie as a coach was incredibly positive, enthusiastic about what he did, and immensely supportive of everyone around him, you couldn't ask for someone more respectful and professional yet at the same time willing to push and challenge you to be better.  The other side of the attitude was his lack of scarcity and his focus on doing what was best for me not for him.  He wasn't focused on "getting a client", he was focused on finding out whether there was a fit, whether he could help me, whether it would be of benefit.  In my world that goes a long ways.  Since then, I've met many people who have been his clients, many who have seen their businesses grow incredibly under his coaching (results), and absolutely everyone that I've met raves about him and what a great coach he is.  For myself, my experiences have been outstanding, I've truly appreciated how he keeps me focused on the things that matter in my business and challenges my thinking when I go astray or stop upping my game.  Thank you Laurie.

Superlative Regards,
Michael Bruce Rosmer, President
Augesir - There's a Better Way

Dear Laurie, 

This letter is to express a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the work you have done as our ACTION business coach. Your coaching and support have made a noticeable impact on our day-to-day operations, our team cohesiveness and ultimately our bottom line. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Thursday morning meetings and felt invigorated with a renewed sense of direction as we progressed over the past few months. In the last year our business has experienced significant growth and at times seemed almost out of control. Since working with you, we have forged ahead with a clear sense of direction, implemented clear systems and sound strategies to increase our bottom line. In the six months that you have worked with us, our sales have increased by 33%. Along with the increase in activity, I feel a sense of stability and assuredness that we can handle the continuing growth of our business. 

Team building is another important ingredient you brought to our company. You had to deal with some “tough” cookies in the team building workshop you put on for us and you did it with professionalism and good humor. Our team is stronger as a result of the work you have done with our company.  Another important goal that I had at the beginning of our time together was to reduce the amount of hours that I was spending actually working in the business. I am happy to say that I take more weekends off and have more leisure time in the evenings than I have had for years. This in itself has been of significant benefit to me and has made the coaching process worth it. 

If you ever need a reference for the value of your coaching work I would be very happy to recommend you and your services. Thanks for all that you have done and I look forward to our continued success. 

Owner: Aquarian Construction

This letter is intended to express our gratitude and new found energy that your coaching techniques have instilled into our company and personal lives.  After working in the same company and now owning that business for 6 years, I thought I knew everything, but literally, it was like being hit with a two by four, when we started the coaching program.  Like many business owners, we micro manage everything. With your help, we have now installed documented programs and procedures to achieve full effectiveness in our products we manufacture and especially the staff’s attitude. I often hear now how “They love to come to work!” 

With your coaching, you have shown how important it is to work on your company and not just in your company. 
Thank you, Laurie, for showing us a clearer and brighter path to achieve maximum growth.

Mathew Horvath 

President Caribou Manufacturing

It was nothing short of a miracle that I accomplished what I did in the 14 months since I started with Laurie. My seemingly insurmountable production goal was achieved an entire 11 months before my most aggressive target. If I had any chance at all of reaching my outcome, I had to suspend all judgment and suspend all disbelief and put myself into Laurie’s capable hands. I did that and I’m more shocked at the results than I’ve been in the 18 years I’ve been in the business.  Laurie came into my practice not knowing how my team or business functioned or operated and pulled off something that I doubt I could have accomplished alone or in fact could replicate again. All I can say is THANK YOU and WOW!!!

Gabriel Lee, CIMA
First Vice President

Dear Laurie,
I wish to formally extend my gratitude to you for working with Paul, Rob and myself on our business. I feel very revitalized since we began working together, and am now more eager than ever to move our company to the highest level; from our current “very good” to “great”.  Before we began with you and ActionCOACH, we were successfully building our company but we lacked a comprehensive list and strategy that would help us attain this goal. With ActionCOACH’s “6 Steps to Massive Results” and their supporting strategies, we have a clearer path to excellence.  As well, your workshops with our staff have helped to further improve our team spirit, and have helped us all to grow as individuals.  Please feel free to have prospects contact me if they wish to discuss you and your abilities to help businesses and their owners flourish.

Again, thank you.
Kindest Regards,
Greg Burghardt, P.Eng., MBA

Laurie McNaughton,

I was initially hesitant to join the ActionCOACH team thinking to myself  “why should I pay someone else to tell me how to run my business?”  I decided to take the risk and we have never looked back.  After only 3 months my business has goals, direction and new programs to get there.  With a new leadership attitude, I am learning how to work on my business and not in it!   Although business was good we have now made it great.  Laurie at ActionCOACH is taking this company to the next level.  Our new mission and vision statements give a direction and focus that we needed.  As well our new policies and procedures have given confidence and structure to all of our employees.  In conclusion not only are sales already up 30% but we are able to handle this growth and prosper from it.  I highly recommend Laurie McNaughton and the Action Coach program.

Dennis Hazzard

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