• Communication C-IQ Training
  • Leadership
  • Behavior DiSC Profiles
  • Customer Service 
  • Developing a High Performace Culture
  • Core Company Values


How many times have you gone to a workshop or had one done for your team that you loved and everyone raved about only to get back to work and a couple of weeks everyone is doing the same thing?

Coaching adds another level of accountability and a good coach will keep the initiatives moving forward. Laurie will help you do that! 

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  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Business organization
  • Business Planning
  • Position Agreements 
  • Time Management 
  • Recruitment process for "A" team
  • Workflow
  • Create KPI's and Critical Drivers 

Laurie McNaughton has been working with Business Owners and their teams since 2004 and in that time Laurie has gained a thorough understanding of the challenges business owners and their teams face and the solutions to those challenges.

Whether is is their culture, communication, leadership or the need to develop systems and processes that run the business, Laurie can help.

As your business grows, so does it's complexity. You probably have already experienced the frustration that comes with growing a business. Your business has to change and evolve. Its systems have to be continually updated as your business grows and one of the systems that has the biggest impact on its success is its people.

It cannot grow with marginal systems and marginal people.

What if you could get just 10% more production out of your team? What would that mean to your business? Laurie will help develop your culture, leadership, and communication so that your company can become the Provider of Choice and the Employer of Choice.

I have invested countless hours and over two hundred thousand dollars in classroom learning, seminars, and workshops. I have coached over 300 business owners and their teams. 

Laurie has coached some great businesses here in Alberta such as Empire Drywall, Stice Drywall, Electronic Connections, Electric Motor Services, Ideal Insulation, Dynaline Industries, Budget Blinds, Concrete Resources, Aquarian Construction, The Coffee News and Arrow Engineering.